WTEA 2021 International Forum on Theatre Education Research

2021 International Forum on Theatre Education Research was held at 18:30 on Oct. 28, 2021 (GMT+8) online. Themed as "National Methodology for Acting", the forum was supported by the ITI and WTEA member schools. Experts and scholars from China, Georgia, Greece, Korea, Poland, Russia, the US, among other countries, will attend the forum through video to talk about their papers and to share about their teaching experience and acting methodology.

11 papers have been collected for the forum, and the paper presentations will be shared on Yan Yun (a video platform). The link of the platform and the list of the papers are as follows:

List of papers:

Exploring Chinese Epic Theatre Directing Department, Chang-Jie Zhang (China)

Staging Ancient Greek Drama: Acting and Directing Issues from Antiquity to the PresentConstantina Ziropoulou (Greece)

A Study on the Application of "Method Acting Technique"-Macbeth Incarnation, The God of Misfortune applied with Sensory and Animal TrainingKang, Min-Ho, Seo, Joung-Hyun (Korea)

Contact and Relaxation as Emotional Triggers in Basic Acting Training, Marcin Bartnikowski (Poland)

The Learning Process in Art is Never Over, Krzysztof Ogłoza (Poland)

Joint training for Actors and Directors, Egor Peregudov (Russia)

Techniques for Mastering the Role in the Educational Process (on the example of the 2nd year students of the acting department), Tatiana Morozova (Russia)

Physical Training as a Tool of the K. S. Stanislavsky System Elements Development in the Technique of the Dramatic Artist, N. E. Shurganova (Russia)

Etude as a method of rehearsing, Natalia Nazarova (Russia)

Live traditions in contemporary theatre education in Russia, Nikolai Pesochinsky (Russia)

Less is More: Change and Radical Dynamics as Central Tenets of an American Actor Training, Lance Marsh (USA)

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