Implementation Plan of WTEA 2017 International Theatre Festival


According to Article 8 in the Bylaws, WTEA holds International Theater Festival every two years which is organized by the Central Theater of Drama. The implementation plan of 2017 International Theatre Festival is listed below.


1. Time: October 19th (arrival) - 28th (departure), 2017(tentatively)

2.Cycle: once every two years

3.Venue: The Central Academy of Drama, China

4.Theme: world classic works– Shakespeare’s King Lear

5.Running time: one hour (only three hours for stage load-in)

6.Number of delegates: 10 representatives of each member schools, including2 teachers and 8 students.

7.Conditions of invitation to the Festival:

1) International traveling expenses will be assumed by participating schools;

2) The Central Academy of Drama shall assume expenses for board and lodging of 10 representatives of each member school;

3)Schools with more than 10representativesshall pay for expenses for board and lodging to the Central Academy of Drama at the rate of 70 Euro per person per day. Upon payment, they will be treated the same as others in board and lodging and other hospitality.


1)The Festival sets three categories of Awards, including Best Performance Award, Best Acting Award and Outstanding Acting Award;

2)The number of the Best Performance Award will be set due to the number of the performances participating into the Festival at the ratio of 1/4.

3)Each performance will be awarded a Best Acting Award and an Outstanding Acting Award for individuals. The one obtains the most votes or the highest scores winning the Best Acting Award, however, the second winning the Outstanding Acting Award.

4)Every member school assigns 1(one) teacher to form the judging panel, no matter if it has a performance to participate into the Festival or not. But judges may not be able to vote or grade for the students participating in the performance of the judge his or her own school. Concerning the other details of awarding or grading, it may be discussed and decided by the judging panel then.

9.Application and Review

1)The application deadline is June 15th, 2017;

2)Participating schools shall submit performance videos and application forms before the deadline and the Central Academy of Drama will review their performance contents. Please avoid pornographic and political issues in the performance with a view to China’s national conditions;

3)The Central Academy of Drama will reply whether the application is accepted and arrange a schedule according to the number of approved plays.



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