The Athens Conservatoire Drama School

The Athens Conservatoire is the oldest educational institution for the performing arts in Greece.  Since its establishment in 1871, it has served without interruption the advancement of culture in this country.  World-renowned personalities such as Dimitri Mitropoulos, Maria Callas and Gina Bahauer began their careers here while its activities sparked the creation of organizations such as the National Orchestra and the National Theatre of Greece.

The Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire has played a pivotal role in the advancement of theatrical studies in the country, with its teaching staff comprising some of the most important figures of Greek Theatre over the past one and a half century.

The School's philosophy is

a) to employ as instructors artists who are active and in the forefront of the country's artistic life, and

b) to stress the importance of collaboration in theatre, cultivating a sense of community to its students.

Today, the Drama School of the Athens Conservatoire is considered one of the top schools in Greece, officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture for the provision of higher education degrees in theatre studies. Beginning in 2015, the course program was extended from three to four years - with the first year considered preparatory.


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