Institute del Teatre, Spain


    Director: Magda Puyo


The Barcelona Provincial Council's Institut del Teatre is a centre for higher education, research and dissemination of the performing arts. It was founded in 1913 by the theatre director, painter, stage designer, playwright and educator, Adrià Gual.



The Institut del Teatre has agreements and standing relationships with equivalent centres the world over, as well as research-driven agreements with The Vives Network and its twenty-one member universities, and with the Institute of Catalan Studies.

The Institut del Teatre currently comprises eight main elements: School of Drama (ESAD), Dance Academy (CSD), Secondary School for the Arts/Vocational, Dance Academy (EESA/CPD), School of Performing Arts Technology(ESTAE), Documentation Centre and Museum of the Theatrical Arts (MAE), Research Council, Regional centres in Terrassa and Vic, and IT Dansa, postgraduate company.





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