Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music, Japan

    President: Terufumi Koshimitsu


TOHO GAKUEN College of Drama and Music is a Tokyo-based two-year college which was established 1964. The forerunner of the Drama course was founded as   Haiyuza-Yoseijo, the drama school of the famous Haiyuza-Theatre, one of the leading theatre companies in Japan and TOHO GAKUEN proudly continues the traditions and educational principles of Haiyuza-Yoseijo.



The prestigious and well-renowned Drama course has been providing professional training for those wishing to work in theatre, television, film and some other related fields for over 50 years. High-leveled and popular theater professionals are teaching at this college modern acting, but also traditional Japanese theatre arts like Kyougen and Buyoh. Every year Japanese and foreign directors and drama educationists were invited as visiting professors of the college.


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