Bylaws of World Theatre Education Alliance

Article 1 The full name of the organization is World Theater Education Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the Alliance), WTEA for short.

Article 2  WTEA is an independent international academic organization consisting of 12 member schools and initiated by UNESCO chairs on theater education, which aims at enhancing learning and exchange among theater schools worldwide, promoting the dialogue between different cultures, maintaining cultural diversity and boosting the prosperity and development of theater education.

Article 3 WTEA convenes General Assembly Meeting every two years, where all important issues including projects, activities and development strategies shall be discussed and voted. Each member school has one vote and any resolution shall be approved and enforced with a two-thirds majority vote.

Article 4  The Central Academy of Drama nominates a person to act as the secretary general only for the first 2 years (2016-2017), as to execute the first project of WTEA, namely the International Theatre Festival. In 2017 when WTEA has its first General Assembly, anyone from the member school can apply for this position and the one who owes the most votes can take this position.

Article 5  The office, office supplies and consumables, staff salaries and so forth of the Secretariat are shouldered by the Central Academy of Drama.

Article 6  Member schools of WTEA refer to the professional theater schools that will sign the Declaration of World Theater Education Alliance on October 18th, 2016. Professional theater schools joining in thereafter shall have the same rights and obligations.

Article 7 WTEA welcomes theater schools with different cultures from different regions. Schools willing to join in WTEA shall file an application in each March. The application shall be discussed and voted by member schools in view of the professional level of any applicant to give an approval at the General Assembly Meeting.

Article 8   International Theater Festival is one of major activities of WTEA, which is organized every two years by the Central Academy of Drama.

Article 9  WTEA's member schools discussed and voted on all of the foregoing in the preparatory meeting on October 18th, 2016 and the Bylaws has been approved by such vote.

Article 10 Matters not covered herein may be discussed at the General Assembly Meeting and confirmed in the form of additional provisions once approved by voting.

copyright 2016 World Theatre Education Alliance