A Grand Closing and Awarding Ceremony on ISDSWE 2014 Was Held Successfully

A grand closing and awarding ceremony on ISDSWE 2014 was held in the Black Box Theatre of the Central Academy of Drama in Dongcheng District on the night of October 13.

Performance for the workshop was presented before the awarding ceremony. Two performances themed as “Silk Road” were presented in rich forms on the stage, which had gained passionate response from the teachers and students present. This activity focuses on displaying the comprehensive elements in stage design, and integrating body style, music, etc. into the visual arts, embodied the characteristics of “spatiality” and “presence” of the stage design etc.

Series of activities of ISDSWE2014 were composed of three parts: BIB, workshops and lectures. According to the introduction of Michael Ramsaur, vice-chairman of OISTAT, the workshop was themes as “Silk Road”. Students would be divided into two groups led by six professors. They would work together to complete all the works of stage design, lighting, costume and performances in the teaching building of Central Academy of Drama in Dongcheng District within three days. Students of various majors from the Stage Design Department in Central Academy of Drama took active part in the communication with foreign students, which had created a fantastic atmosphere for their creation.

After the workshop performance, Professor Sun Daqing, director of the Stage Design Department of Central Academy of Drama, held the awarding ceremony. Members of international review committee of BIB (Michael Ramsaur, Marina Raytchinova, Ian Evans, Sun Daqing, Liu Xinglin and Zhang Qingshan) presented the awards to the winners. The "Outstanding Young Stage Designer Award", the most important award in this exhibition, was won by Yulia Pichugina from Moscow Art Theatre School. Ian Evans, chairman of the Education Committee of OISTAT, and Professor Liu Xinglin of Central Academy of Drama presented the trophy of “Crystal Cube” to her. Three "Outstanding Young Stage Designer Nomination Award" were won by Adrianna Golebiewska of Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw, Eero Erkamo of University of the Arts Helsinki and Liao Shifu of Central Academy of Drama. Marina Raytchinova, chairman of the OISTAT Education Committee, gave the award medals to them.

Students who participated in the workshop shared their experiences in the discussion. Michael Ramsaur, former chairman of OISTAT, spoke highly of this activity and thought that it was amazing that the students could make such great achievements within only three days. He also praised the students for their active teamwork and helping each other. In particular, he expressed his gratitude towards the Central Academy of Drama and professor Xu Xiang, president of Central Academy of Drama for his direct commanding and full support. Later, Marina Raytchinova, chairman of the Education Commission of OISTAT, and Sun Daqing, director of the Stage Design Department in Central Academy of Drama, gave their speeches and made a summery on the special significance that was different from any activities in the past. They agreed that more comprehensive elements in drama were added into the workshop in this year and it made a lot a of sense in both helping the students get a better understanding of space and extending and developing visual arts, hoping the spirit of ISDSWE activities and the friendship between international colleges could go on and on.

   ISDSWE 2014 wasreally a great success, which had attracted broad attention of the public andmass media and was also highly praised by teachers and students from theatreschools across the world. All the teachers and students said they would worktogether more closely to explore and develop the stage design mode foreducation and communication.

Websiteof ISDSWE both in Chinese and English have come into service since May of 2011.APP and Wechat platform of ISDSWE & BIB have already come into operationsince September of 2014. In addition, the English version of Students’ Works of International StageDesign 2011, Students’ Works of International Stage Design 2012, and thelatest published 2013-2014 Students’Works of International Stage Design has been published.

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