Dormitory Regulations

1. Application Qualification

1.1 Any overseas students who study in our academy are eligible to apply for the dormitory.

1.2 Overseas students who are disqualified due to violation of the regulations of the dormitory cannot apply the dormitory for the second time.


2. Application Procedures

2.1 Overseas students who apply for the accommodation the first time shall submit the application form and pay the accommodation fee in time to Overseas Students Office the first week before the start of each semester and then check-in at the reception of overseas students building.

2.2 Overseas students for extended accommodation shall submit an extended accommodation form and pay the accommodation fee of next semester to Overseas Students Office one week prior to the date due and then check-in at the reception of overseas students building.

2.3 Students for vacation accommodation shall submit an extended accommodation form and pay the vacation accommodation fee to Overseas Students Office one week before the vacation and then check-in at the reception of overseas students building. Temporary accommodation application will not be accepted during the vacation.


3. Accommodation Fees

3.1 If the study time is one semester or above, students shall pay by semesters. Spring term is from March 3rd to June 30th and autumn term is from Sept. 8th to January 5th the next year. Charging standard: twin room is CNY5328.00 per semester and single room is CNY 13,320.00 per semester.

3.2 If the study time is less than a semester, students shall pay by days. Charging standard: twin room is CNY48.00 per day and single room is CNY120.00 per day.

3.3 For winter and summer vacation, accommodation fee is charged by days. Winter vacation is from January 6th to March 2nd while summer vacation is from July 1st to Sept. 7th. Charging standard is CNY48.00 per day and CNY120.00 per day.


4. Check-in and Check-out Procedures

4.1 When checking in, students shall check the objects in the dormitory and sign signatures with the staff of the reception. When checking out, students shall compensate according to the cost if anything damaged or lost.

4.2 Overseas students should stay at fixed room and bed allocated by the Overseas Students Office. Any students cannot change room and bed without approval. For students who change the room or bed without permission, they should go back to their allocated room and bed. If anyone refuses to obey, he/she shall be forced to move out the dormitory within a week by the Overseas Students Office.

4.3 For students who do not stay in the dormitory during vacations, the students may make check-out procedures before leaving school and all personal belongings should move out of the dormitory. If any personal belongings left in the dormitory during the vacation, it is regarded as not checking out and full accommodation fee shall be charged in accordance with the charging standards.

4.4 If there is only one student living in a twin room, the Overseas Students Office can arrange another student living in the twin room at any time. The student already living the twin room should properly keep personal items and should not take up another bed space (including bed, cabinet and desk area), in case of making the new coming roommate has no place to stay, then the student shall pay the bed-taking up fee accordingly.

4.5 If there are enough spare rooms, a student can apply for a twin room for single living and pay the fee in accordance with the standards of a twin room, which is CNY96.00 per day.

4.6 For the scholarship student who would not stay in the dormitory during the vacation, he should keep personal items well and pack the belongings in his/her own area. If another student cannot move in because of bed-taking up, the scholarship student must pay another bed fee accordingly during his stay.

4.7 For the convenience of the storage of personal belongings of checking-out students, overseas students building provide students free luggage storage service (except the valuables). Storage items shall be packaged and sealed, registered and kept by the reception staff. Students shall pick up the luggage by themselves after checking the seal and confirming with signature after they come back school.

4.8 If a student who has already paid the accommodation fee wants to move out due to personal reasons, the student shall submit a written application to Overseas Students Office. Refund procedures can be made under the approval of Overseas Students Office. If it is applied before the start of a semester, full accommodation fee could be refunded. If it is applied after the start of a semester, the accommodation fee shall be refunded as the following standards in the table:

                      Remaining days

Twin room    Above 90 days      61~90 days      31~60 days      0~30 days

                             4320.00        2880.00           1440.00        No Refund.


5. Daily Management

5.1 The overseas students’ dormitory building is managed separately. The second floor and the third floor are girls’ dormitory while the fourth floor is boys’ dormitory.

5.2 Students should keep the wall, bed, desk and floor in the room clean and tidy. Garbage should be cleaned up in time and thrown into the garbage can.

5.3 Do not store large amount of money in cash in the dormitory and valuables should be kept properly. Close the windows, turn off the electrical equipment, pull the plug and lock the door when left the room.

5.4 Do not spit and don’t throw wastes. Do not throw wastes in the water tank, urinal and sewers. Do not pour water and throw rubbish out of the window. No bikes are allowed to be parked at the corridor and the dormitory.

5.5 Do not speak loudly, quarrel and fight, or make audio equipment noise in the dormitory. Do not drink, raise pets, play mahjong, gamble, post ads and poster in the dormitory.

5.6 Selling and taking addictive drugs are absolutely forbidden at anywhere, once be found, the student must be reported to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Organs without hesitation.

5.7 It is strictly forbidden to carry out religious propaganda, feudal superstition and cult activities.

5.8 It is strictly forbidden to accommodate someone in the dormitory.

5.9 It is strictly forbidden to conduct business activities in the dormitory.

5.10 It is strictly forbidden to connect wires privately, to use candles, kerosene, alcohol lamp, electric stove, electric iron, electric heaters and other appliances. The appliances will be confiscated if anyone is found to use the electric equipment illegally.

5.11 It is strictly forbidden to burn objects in the dormitory and in the corridor. It is forbidden to store flammable, explosive objects and guns and knives in the dormitory.

5.12 It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the dormitory building.

5.13 The floor administrator has the right to ask and check the certificates of the floating personnel. Anyone cannot enter the dormitory building without permission. Someone who is allowed to visit must fill visitor registration form. It is not allowed to receive any visitors after 10 p.m.

5.14 If a visitor does not follow the visitor’s regulation, does not answer floor administrator’s questions, behaves unreasonably and effects floor administrator’s work, the floor administrator shall report to the security department for further handling.

5.15 The spot should be protected well if a case occurred and this event should be reported to the dormitory management group and security department timely.

5.16 For overseas students who violate the regulations of dormitory management, the Overseas Students Office will give them a written warning. If someone repeats the offense, the Overseas Students Office will cancel his qualification of accommodation.


 6.The International students’ Department has the interpretation rights of the regulation. The regulation will come into force from the issuing date.

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